Episode 004: Your Thoughts + Your Words = Your Reality

Are you aware of your thoughts? Do you know your control of those thoughts, or lack thereof, has a direct effect on your reality. Same with your words. The thoughts and words you choose to think and speak control the reality that manifests before your eyes.

Do you catch yourself saying, "I wish," "I'll try," "I hope," "I want," a lot?

Join me as I talk about my realization that I was under spiritual attack and how my thoughts contributed to being stuck in that place. I share about "Conscious Language" and poverty mindset vs. prosperity mindset. We will talk scripture and how powerful the tongue and thoughts truly are.

You choose life or death with your tongue (and your thoughts).

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Episode 001: The Why and What Behind Kingdom Focus

Welcome to the first episode of Kingdom Focus, the Pax Collective podcast!

I am so excited about the launch of this podcast and I truly think God is going to do some amazing works through it. I will be open and vulnerable with y'all concerning each thing He puts on my heart throughout the life of this podcast. My desire is for you to feel connected to and challenged by what you hear on each episode.

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