5 Ways We Use Thieves Household Cleaner


We loveeee Thieves Household Cleaner! Can you believe I didn’t actually buy this until EIGHT months after we became Young Living members?! Now I don’t know how we ever functioned without it.

I want to tell y’all all the ways we use Thieves cleaner, but first I want to tell you WHY we use it!

Stick around until the end to see how you can get your first bottle for FREE.

We used to use Febreeze, Windex, Kaboom, Clorox wipes… I mean the list goes on and on. Even after we bought our Young Living starter kit! It took me EIGHT months and watching the documentary “Stink!” to really take our wellness more seriously and give those toxic as helll products the eviction notice!

Did you know indoor air quality is 2-5 times WORSE than it is outdoors?! Seriously. You can read the EPA article here. I’ve read some sources that cite 6-10 times worse! That’s because we use things like air fresheners, plug-ins, chemical cleaners, candles and a whole host of other toxic things in our homes, and they don’t ventilate out! They just sit and linger in your home and wreck havoc on your immune system, disrupt your hormones, and jack with your nervous system! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And be careful of the great marketing out there. Products from Method and Mrs. Meyers, for example, have beautiful packaging and well-thought wording to make you believe what’s inside those bottles is healthy and good. Read the ingredients and check the toxicity level on the Think Dirty app.


When Summit came along, all of our toxic products became Public Enemy No. 1 to a baby whose immune, endocrine and nervous systems were all in a very delicate state of development. But whether you have kids or not, or whether you want them in the future or not, it’s important to take care of yourself. Let me ask you: What products are you allowing in your house?

Okay… so, bottom line: Thieves cleaner is not only nontoxic, it also BUILDS UP and supports the healthy function of our body systems. So how do you use it?

  1. Multi-Purpose Cleaner:

    The greatest thing about Thieves cleaner is that it’s a one-stop shop to throwing out every cleaner (toxic or otherwise) in your house and using it alone. This means ditching toxins AND saving money. Win, win.

    To make ONE bottle of Thieves cleaner, all you need is one capful of cleaner in a 16 oz. glass spray bottle topped with water. That means one bottle of concentrate will yield you 30 bottles of cleaner at $0.73 per bottle. Say whaaaaat?

    (PS.. if you are reading this between July 29-31, 2019, I’m gifting you a FREE bottle of Thieves Cleaner and a glass spray bottle when you become a Young Living member! You can read the details on that AT THE END OF THIS POST.)

    There are a million and one ways to use Thieves for cleaning. Windows, grout, tub, shower, carpet, wood, countertops, oven.. I could go on and on. Do a simple Pinterest search “Cleaning with Thieves” to get tons and tons of recipes! But I want to focus on the other ways we use it outside of your typical cleaning.

  2. Laundry

    We add 2 capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner to our Thieves Laundry Soap to maximize that cleaning power with our laundry.

    P.S. Did you know that your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets are the WORST things in your house? So, so many chemicals in each of them. Yeah, switch to Thieves and wool dryer balls ASAP! Thank me later.

    Also, one bottle of Thieves Laundry Soap will actually yield you THREE 32oz. bottles of detergent! When you join my team, I’ll share how!

  3. Stain Remover

    Thieves Household Cleaner and a toothbrush. Dab some THHC on that stain and scrub it out! Easy peasy.

  4. Pets

    We use THHC to make flea + tick collars for our fur babies. 1/4 cup of Thieves cleaner, 20 drops of Purification oil, 10 drops of Citronella, 2 cups of water — let those collars soak for 20 minutes or so. We do this every 2-3 weeks.

  5. Baby + Kid Toys

    Okay, this one… praise you Jesus for THHC. All I have to do to sanitize Summit’s toys is spray them with Thieves cleaner. NO chemicals. NO worries about him ingesting chemicals, or even touching them. This reason alone is reason enough to never stop buying Thieves cleaner.

So these are just a FEW ways you can use Thieves, but as you can see… it’s a SOLID way to throw out a LOT of toxic chemicals that are currently taking up residence in your house!

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