DIY Bug Spray


Raise your hand if mosquitoes think you are a buffet! But you seriously aren’t gonna catch me putting deet on my family or myself. Y’all can Google why deet sucks.

Here is an effective, all-natural alternative:

DIY Adiós Mosquitoes Bug Spray:

+ 8 oz. spray bottle

+ 20 drops of Citronella

+ 10 drops of Peppermint

+ 10 drops of Thieves

+ 10 drops of Purification (optional, but effective)

+ 2ish Tbsp of Witch Hazel

+ Fill rest with distilled water

To use:

Shake and spritz liberally. Reapply as needed.

If you are allergic to the little bastards like I am, drop some Lavender on your bites to instantly stop the itch and quickly bring down swelling.

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