The Time Tithe — Intro

I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough time.

Have you ever said one of those? I have. Many times.

We have all complained at one time or another about this very issue. We want to play catch with our kid, but we have to finish that work we brought home first. We want to go on a date with our spouse, but our kids have to get to soccer practice, or dance, or piano, or [insert the millionth other thing]. We really want to go to that Bible study, but we have to cook dinner for the family. We want to grow our business, but we have to finish doing XYZ first. (And I won’t lie… sometimes that “XYZ” is a Netflix show — there’s a reason I’m doing this time tithe, y’all.. lol).

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DIY All-Natural Dog Toothpaste with Peppermint Essential Oil

Our fur children love to give us kisses but when their breath reeks, I don’t want that slobber anywhere near me! But what is actually in that dog toothpaste? Lots of things I can’t pronounce. So should my spoiled rotten dog be consuming it? Probs not. Enter in… this simple, 3-ingredient recipe. Let’s get those chompers nice and sparkly clean naturally! Here’s what you need:

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5 Ways We Use Thieves Household Cleaner

We loveeee Thieves Household Cleaner! Can you believe I didn’t actually buy this until EIGHT months after we became Young Living members?! Now I don’t know how we ever functioned without it.

I want to tell y’all all the ways we use Thieves cleaner, but first I want to tell you WHY we use it!

Stick around until the end to see how you can get your first bottle for FREE.

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7 DIY Essential Oil Roller Blends Every Mom Needs

Mommas, you are the gatekeeper of your home. You decide what is allowed in the air, on the floors, in those bellies, on their skin.. your kids aren’t going to shop at Walmart or Target alone (and let’s be real... your hubs probably isn’t either, unless it’s because you’re making him).

But more than food, cleaning supplies, and skin and body care products... is your medicine cabinet.

Side effects upon side effects upon... yep, more side effects. Look, there is a time and place where medicine becomes necessary... but it has become the last resort in my house, for good reason. 

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He Kept Telling Me, “Enjoy Every Moment”

I got a text from my dad two weeks ago today that said my grandpa had gone to be with Jesus. He said he passed peacefully, moments after my grandma told him that his family was all okay and they were all there with him. She kissed him and walked out, and when she came back in, he was gone.

I didn’t cry. We had been expecting it. In August, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had seeped into his bones and spread to other major organs. I happened to be in Chicago (where they live) visiting my mom when he was initially rushed to the hospital. At that time, he was not coherent, but I still said my goodbyes, not knowing if I’d get the chance again — and I didn’t. But still, my reaction was strange to me. Grief is weird like that. It just didn’t really hit me, you know?

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The 101 on Young Living's Essential Rewards

One of the biggest questions people have when signing up as a member with Young Living is, “What is Essential Rewards?”

I remember when I signed up, my sponsor tried to explain it to me and it honestly kind of just went over my head. I didn’t really understand why I should enroll in the program until I was on it and noticed I was receiving free product and being rewarded with free money toward my account (yes, free money — well, “PV”.. AKA currency in the Young Living world).

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Labor + Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist

Packing your hospital bag for labor and delivery can be overwhelming, especially for first-time moms. What do you need? What can you do without? Well, I’ll tell you how it was for us!

I scoured Pinterest for the most minimalist of lists. I did not want to bring anything that we didn’t actually need, and even with doing that, I had a suitcase filled with things we didn’t even end up using.

Here is my hospital checklist split into what we needed and what we could have left at home:

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Ramblings on the Newborn Stage

Props to all the moms who actually love the newborn stage. Don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond in love with my newborn, but the newborn stage is nothing short of the most exhausting, and at times frustrating, thing I’ve ever experienced. 

Usually things come really easily to me. And I never realized how much I have taken this for granted. English. Math. College. Sports. Fashion. Getting jobs. Being a boss at all those jobs. Being a good wife. Being a good friend. Being a good daughter. No, those things weren’t (and aren’t) easy, but they came easily because I mostly had complete control over my performance and output, so I worked to make sure I was the best. 

Being a mom to a newborn has not come easily for me. Because it’s not just my performance or output anymore. There’s another human involved, and everything is affected by how he feels and what he needs at any given moment. 

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A Letter to My Son

With our due date nearly a week away, I wanted to open up about something that’s big on my heart. I know God is calling me to write a book on the topic of worriers vs. warriors. 

I have always known I wanted to write a book, but I never in a million years imagined it would evolve around the topic of parenting and kids, especially considering some would argue I am not officially a mom until my baby gets here. 

However, I kind of love the fact that this revelation came to me in a season before I even became pregnant, because it serves as a reminder to be humble and know that this is God’s work through me, not something I can just do in my own effort.

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Key West in a Day

Are you planning a visit to South Florida and wondering if you can make it to the Florida Keys? Well, it’s possible! We did it — Key West in one day.

Chris and I are less than seven weeks away from welcoming Baby Guti into the world, so we have been nesting and bearing down, but all of the waiting has me reminiscing on our Florida trip, so I wanted to do a post about our day in Key West.

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DIY Belly Butter + Baby Butt Paste

Okay, expectant moms. I'm at Week 25, and around Week 22, my belly and lower back started itching so bad! Am I alone in this?! But so many stretch mark prevention products are saturated with toxic ingredients! I made my own belly cream so I am 100% certain that the ingredients are not only toxin-free, but beneficial to me, my skin, and my baby. I would much rather have an ingredient list of five things than 20+ things that I can't even pronounce! And I want to share that with you, so you can rub your belly butter on knowing that all is well!

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Our Small Wedding in the Big Easy

New Orleans weddings are the best! If you are reading this, I assume you are either trying to plan an intimate wedding or a New Orleans wedding, or you're like me and just obsessed with looking at people's wedding pics! If you're planning a small wedding, I hope this post gives you some insight into how to throw the perfect intimate wedding; if you're planning a NOLA wedding, get ready to hear about some of the best vendors around!

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Choose a Theme Word to Set the Tone for Your Year

At the end of every December, I spend time in my journal reflecting about the year that just passed and anticipating the one that is to come. 

For four years now, I’ve done this by choosing a word, or two, that I feel is consistently put on my heart, and I pray over that word(s) to be something that I’m focused on in the upcoming year. 

It’s important to set the tone for how you want your year to go. I believe it’s equally important to write it down in a prominent location you can frequently refer to, to see what kind of progress you are making. 

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